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The End for Profitable Sunrise

Profitable Sunrise has finally ended, assets frozen bythe SEC,
as evidenced by this temporary restraining order (TRO).
As of today, no one really knows where Roman Novak is.
Many still believe that they are transferring servers to HongKong.
This message came from the PS Helpdesk on March 24.

Good Day,

We are excited to provide you with some critical updates. We are very close to finalizing our partnership with our connection in China. Our e-checking and debit card system is almost complete as well. Please understand that servers were moved to Hong Kong to protect ProSun. This ensures the safety of our data. Our new 4% daily – 7 day program will be introduced after Easter payout which is coming near. This is just another way for us saying thank you and allowing us to put more money in your pockets sooner. Our support staff will also be growing massively to better serve our clients needs as business grows. For those of you looking to deposit more money into ProSun. Don’t worry you will have this opportunity as servers come back up very soon. We appreciate your patience.

We are doing our best to safely increase your savings and make you a happier person. We are here to help you with anything and provide answers to all of the questions you may have.

Have a Blessed Day,

Profitable Sunrise HelpDesk

Whether this is true or not, members can only wait.
But with frozen funds, even if there are servers, there won’t be any money to payout.

As usual, many members got burned and lost money.
Profitable Sunrise ran for more than a year, which started in Nov 2011.
I myself started late as I joined only one year after. I did so because it was only few months back that it really boomed.
I invested a total of $300 and managed to withdraw around $550, so I was still in profit with $250.
While many compounded for as long as one year and did not take their seed money out and got burned.

Again, this is a proof that no online programs last forever and that if you would join any, always follow the golden rules.
1. Invest only what you can afford to lose.
2. Get your seed money as early as possible, then only play with the profits.

Nonetheless, Profitable Sunrise had a good run and is considered one of the most successful HYIPs.

ProfitableSunrise Update 15March2013

I recently removed Profitable Sunrise from the list of menus, as advised by some members.
Apparently, we are only allowed to invite people personally and not send massive invitation as in social media and blogs.
We are also not allowed to post our earnings in public.

Additionally, ProfitableSunrise has gone through many changes in the past weeks.
The issue on the Cease and Desist from the SEC has forced PS to stop using third party payment processors (STP, LR, PM).
So now, members are required to withdraw their funds through bank wire for tax purposes.
Deposits through these third party processors are still allowed as there’s no tax for deposits.

Bankwire Withdrawal Info
You will need the following info to be able to withdraw through bank wire:
1. Beneficiary: Person owning the bank account
2. Beneficiary Adress on the Account
3. Beneficiary Bank Account Number
4. Your Bank Name
5. Bank Country
6. Bank Branch Address
7. Bank Swift Code/Bic
8. Bank ABA Routing Number: (Inside USA Only)
Once you have ALL this information then click on ‘Withdraw’, ‘Bank’ and the ‘Amount’ you are requesting in the white box and click ‘Proceed’.
Here’s a list of the Swift Codes in Philippines

Currently the site is under maintenance for up to 36 hours as they upgrade the servers.


Profitable Sunrise Withdrawals

click to enlarge

I have not updated about Profitable Sunrise in a while. This program has been running smoothly, and still paying within 30 mins upon request. No issues, no hiccups.

From the time I have withdrawn more than 100% of my capital, I have kept compounding to ON.
I just withdraw from my referral commissions as and when I need funds.
So my balance just keeps on growing and I still have more than 100 days to maturity!

There has been rumors about PS slowing down. Members in contact with the admin, including my upline claim these to be untrue.
Profitable Sunrise admin mentioned that members are growing so fast, that they need to add staff.
Roman Novak mentioned he plans to be in business for a long time.

As of today, Profitable Sunrise is still No.1 in MNO.

If you want to earn passive income with Profitable Sunrise,
you may register here:
Please double-check that the column Your Upline says “clickfromhome“. You may have to write it down.

Here’s a summary of the compensation plan:
» Earn 2.15% per business day (Private Plan)
» Earn 2.7% per business day (Long Haul Plan)
» Start with just $10
» Withdraw as little as $0.01
» 3 levels of Referral Commissions – 5% 2% 1%
» No Sponsoring Required
» Compounding Available

How Far Can Your $100 Go With Profitable Sunrise?

Some people prefer looking at graphs and figures in analyzing things.
So here’s a sample computation if you invest $100,
100% compound for 60 biz days, and withdraw 30% daily later on.

Here in Profitable Sunrise, members earn 2.15% per day for 170 business days.
What’s really amazing is how compounding can sky-rocket your investment.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying:
Compound interest is the 8th Wonder of the World…
He who understands it earns it…
He who doesn’t pays it!

PS Compounding 30/70

 Check out how your money grows with daily compounding in Profitable Sunrise.
Try it out yourself:

100 compounding

Join us on a Private Plan to enjoy 2.15% returns!
»»» Profit 2.15% for 170 business days
»»» 5%, 2%, 1% Referral Commission
»»» Fast withdrawal, Principal Returned
»»» All Investments are insured, Simple, Risk Free
Start earning now:

Follow the screenshots here:

Extra Income from Profitable Sunrise

Just got another extra income from Profitable Sunrise.
Extra because I’m still 100% compounding!
As usual, withdrawal was sent to my payment processor almost instantly. :)

Meanwhile, many are still confused about the Signup Page in Profitable Sunrise.
They say that even if they clicked my link, the Your Upline is still different and not “clickfromhome“.

If you encounter this, it just means that you have previously clicked a referral link and it is still in your compurter cache.

You just need to clear your cache and try to go to the referral link again.

Or a much easier option is to just write the name of your sponsor’s UserID (in my case it’s ‘clickfromhome’) in the Your Upline column before submitting.


Profitable Sunrise is still highly recommended!
Let your money work for you on business days
Join our team to enjoy higher rates!

You may have to write “clickfromhome” in the “Your Upline” column

Here’s the compensation plan:
» Earn 2.15% per business day (Private Plan)
» Earn 2.7% per business day (Long Haul Plan)
» Start with just $10
» Withdraw as little as $0.01
» 5% Referral Commissions
» No Sponsoring Required
» Compounding Available

Learn more about ProfitableSunrise here: