Daily Gains with GainerNest


23June12: GainerNest has turned SCAM!

after less than a month online. Many investors say that they are not paid. Some are pending for days and some are processed but money did not go to payment processor. The last withdraw I received was on 21 June. But mine is just small amount that’s why maybe they were able to pay it. It’s usually the case. When a site is about to turn scam, they will stop paying the big investors while continuously paying the small ones so that they will still have “cheerers”. This one goes to my SCAM List now.

12June12: I was skeptical about GainerNest because it gives very high returns. But I’m happy that it pays me in less than 2 hours everytime I withdraw. I withdraw everyday (too scared to lose, haha!). So if you want to give it a try, join early and enjoy the benefits!


I joined the GainerNest the other day. I tried their 22% daily for 7 days, giving 154% ROI. I withdrew for the first time and money went to my LR almost instantly. The site is simply done but they have links to HYIP monitors so you can check out their status. It’s been running for 16 days as of the time of this writing and so far has a good paying status.

Here’s a summary of their plans:

- 40% daily for 3 days
- 130% after 3 days
- 22% daily for 7 days
- 200% after 7 days

They accept LR/PM

Minimum $1 to invest

Referral Commission 3%-5%

Here’s some info about the site.

Perhaps you’re not an expert on investment, then we’ll be very glad to provide you a good chance to attempt it; Or you’ve already got much rich investing experience, then suggest you can catch this opportunity to do it better; Because you can get daily profits from our site swiftly. Moreover, what you need to do is just to join us and own a Libertyreserve or a perfectmoney account. After you get everything ready, just make money right now! ~ continue reading here

If you like to try it out, you may click here to register.

It’s important to note that this is a high-risk program. So as always, invest only what you can afford to lose and get your capital back early.