LiberForex – Daily Returns starting from 1.5 % – 2.5 %

UPDATE 21Nov2012: I have not updated about Liberforex for a long time. My last investment here has matured a month ago. I got my LR principal back. Sadly, that was not as big as my Payza investment which stopped earning in July when Payza broke ties with HYIP programs. Liberforex told investors that Payza will be 100% compounded till maturity but none of us were paid.  And now there are news that even LR and STP principals are not returned upon maturity. This is a very bad sign.. and so I do not recommend investing here anymore.

UPDATE 23May2012: Updates from Admin. They are also now accepting Bank Wire and Western Union payments.

Hi LiberForex member,
We would like to inform you that we have Bank Guarantee for all Prime members. (minimum investment amount $1,000 USD)
Bank Guarantee, guarantees a sum of money to a beneficiary. The sum is only paid if the opposing party does not fulfill the stipulated obligations.
This can be used to essentially insure a investor from loss or damage due to nonperformance by the other party.
You have Bank Guarantee of Unicredit Bulbank. UniCredit Bulbank received the “Best Bank in Bulgaria” recognition for a fourth consecutive year in the Europe Banking Awards ranking of financial institutions.
You can see our Bank Guarantee in the file attached in this email.

Best regards,
LiberForex TEAM

UPDATE: 15May It’s almost a month since I joined Liberforex with initial deposit of $20. I have actually added recently and compounded all of them to 100%. Now it’s earning $2.09 per day. This is pure profit, as the capital will be given back at the end of the term.


I just joined LiberForex. I set it to 100% compound.

I intend to compound for 30 days before I start getting interest.

This way, my capital would be double and I can get higher daily interest.

LiberForex is considered as a high-yield investment program (HYIP).

You invest your money with them and they invest it in forex trading.

It is a legal investment company since 2009.. They went global in Oct 2011.

LiberForex offers 4 investment plans – Basic, Advanced, Elite and Prime.

The investment programs offer you ample opportunities to control your own funds:

- you can make a profit on a daily basis,

- or choose the option of compounding, adding the accrued interest to the principal sum of the deposit every day.

You can choose all or part of your daily income to be reinvested.

Example: If you choose 40 % compounding percent, 40% of your profit go to your principal account and 60% are available for withdraw.

The Daily Returns starting from 1.5 % – 2.5 %.

They pay in business days (Mon-Fri).

Minimum investing amount $1

No minimum withdrawing amount.

The profit is paid to your available balance and you can withdraw it at any time, making a request in the member area on withdraw page.

The term is 180 current days for all plans. At the end of the maturity period, the principal amount is returned to the investor.

Referral bonus is  5%.

The site is Comodo Verified SSL Certificate + DDOS Protected.

You can Sign Up For FREE.

Unlike JustBeenPaid and aDailyCash, the daily returns is the actual interest, it does not include yet your capital.

You will get back your capital ON TOP of your earnings after 180 days.

Here’s the summary of the Investment Plans.


Legal registered company in the Belize
No management fees
Daily returns
Fast payouts
All payments are made to your account daily
Minimum investing amount $1 No maximum
No minimum withdrawing amount
No fee for withdraw
You may make additional spend as many times as you like
Investment term is 180 days. You’ll regain 100% of your deposit in your account after the 180 days period
Fast, 24/7 support


Invest in LiberForex here.


angela says:

hey.does this work?thanks

admin says:

Yes, Liberforex is one of the few HYIPs that still pays to date.