Succeed with Global Oil Fund

16Jul2012: Global Oil Funds’ status in is now PROBLEM! MNO monitor also says it has stopped paying LR and STP and is now has pending withdrawals in Payza. Admin is also slowly avoiding conversations in Facebook. Well.. this goes to SCAM now.

09Jul2012: I earned $40 from my invested money  in GlobalOilFund. I completed the 10-day plan and withdrew my capital to be in the safe zone. And then reinvested the rest for another 5 days. It should earn another 30%.^_^


I just joined Global Oil Fund. It started on 7 Jun 2012 and has been paying since. They just started accepting manual payments with Payza in Jun 23 and SolidTrustPay recently. They have many different plans. I tried their 180% after 10 days with $50.. which means  I can get back $90 after 10 days of investment. They also just started their FB page.

Here’s a summary of their plansup to 125% after 1 day
up to 70% daily for 2 days
up to 300% after 5 days
up to 475% after 10 days
up to 800% after 20 days
up to 1300% after 30 days
Accepts LR/PM/Payza/STP/BitCoin
DDos Protected
SSL Secured
Referral Commission 3%
Minimum $5 to invest
Started June 7, 2012
Started Accepting Payza June 23, 2012

If you want to invest in Global Oil Funds, you may register here:

angela says:

are they currently paying?

admin says:

GOF has stopped paying Payza. I still received in STP on July 19 though.